Scaffolding Inspections

No matter which of our scaffolding services you require, we can provide ongoing support, even after the scaffolding has been erected, with our comprehensive scaffolding inspections.

A scaffolding inspection is a thorough assessment of any erected scaffolding to ensure that it is safe to work on and there are no hazards or risks to the tradesmen using the scaffolding, or passers-by.

Scaffolding inspections are a legal requirement for all scaffolding under the Work at Height Regulations 2005, and they should be completed immediately after installation, before any work is carried out on them, to confirm that it is safe, and then at least weekly thereafter.
If there are any circumstances that might threaten the safety of the scaffolding, such as heavy rain, wind or snow, then it should be inspected before work commences again, even if there was an inspection less than a week earlier.

How do our scaffolding inspections work?

According to HSE guidance, all scaffolding inspections should be carried out by ‘a competent person whose combination of knowledge, training and experience is appropriate for the type and complexity of the scaffold’.
All our scaffolding inspections are carried out by a qualified and experienced scaffolder who is fully CISRS trained.

We complete the first inspection when the scaffolding is initially erected to make sure that it is safe for tradesmen to start working on, and we then carry out weekly scaffolding inspections as required by law.
As mentioned above, if a situation arises which may compromise the safety of the scaffolding, then we will conduct an immediate inspection regardless of when the last one was carried out.

Following each inspection, we write up a thorough report in compliance with HSE guidelines and hand it over to the site manager.
The report includes:
- Name and address of the person/organisation for whom the inspection was completed
- Name and position of the person who carried out the inspection
- Location, date and time of said inspection
- Description of the place of work/where the work equipment was inspected
- Details of any defects or any potential risks identified, and any action taken to remedy this
- Details of any further action considered necessary

We can even run through the report with you to confirm that you have understood all findings. This report should be kept on site until the construction work has been completed, and then at an office location for a further three months.

Do you require scaffolding inspections?

Whether you are using one of our other scaffolding services for a construction project and would like us to conduct the regular scaffold inspections, or you have hired some scaffolding elsewhere and need to outsource a qualified person to carry out inspections on your behalf, then we are here to assist you.
We can conduct weekly site visits to complete your scaffolding inspections, including the writing up of reports, so that you can rest assured your scaffolding is safe for use and that you are complying with safety regulations.

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