HAKI Stair Towers

Though we opt for traditional tube and fitting scaffolding for most of our work, we do also incorporate HAKI scaffold systems where we feel necessary, for example, we use HAKI stair towers as a temporary staircase for a lot of our bigger, commercial projects.

HAKI is an environmentally-friendly scaffolding system that utilises advanced methods of construction to deliver the highest levels of safety.
The unique ‘hook-on’ locking system ensures that the stair towers are extremely secure and robust, so they are at low risk of displacement making them a safe and efficient scaffold system option when it comes to stair towers.

The HAKI stair tower is erected using the Advanced Guard Rail system to prevent falls, and all surfaces are designed to be non-slip, further reducing the chances of a slip, trip or fall.
It’s also quick and easy to erect, and multiple access/egress points can be created, so it’s perfect for any types of construction jobs.

We always take the time to assess the project closely before we decide what the best option is for you, so call us today to discuss your scaffolding needs!