Tube and Fitting

The scaffold system that we opt to use for all our projects is the traditional tube and fitting, also known as tube and clip.
It is known for being the most common type of scaffolding but has recently been overtaken by modern day alternatives; however, we believe that it’s still the best option on the market, and here’s why…

What is Tube and Fitting Scaffolding?

Tube and fitting scaffolding uses scaffold tube, boards and fittings to create a sturdy structure.
The scaffold tubes are fixed to one another using couplers, clamps and fittings and, unlike system scaffolds, are not pre-assembled.

This system creates a secure and stable structure where scaffold boards can be installed creating a safe work platform for tradesmen.

Why We Use Tube and Fitting?

We choose to use tube and fitting for a couple of reason.
The first being that, unlike many other types of system scaffolding, tube and fitting is not prefabricated which means there is more flexibility when building the structures, so we are able to create more bespoke scaffolding for our clients.
Hence, there are practically no limits to what we can do.
This versatility also means that we can ensure your scaffolding is compliant with Work at Height Regulations by adding additional safety precautions such as netting and brick guards.

Furthermore, tube and fitting has been around since the very early days of scaffolding which means that it’s a system that has stood the test of time. It’s highly adaptable and reliable which means that we know we can get any job done with this scaffold system.

Though tube and fitting isn’t the easiest scaffold system to erect and dismantle, all of our scaffolders are well-versed and more than capable in working with it, and doing so quickly and efficiently.

Take a look at some of the projects we have completed over the years using tube and fitting so you can see exactly what it’s capable of!