Commercial Scaffolding Hire

At Gorilla Scaffolding, we don't shy away from large commercial construction projects!
In fact, we embrace the challenge that can sometimes come along with projects of a bigger scale and we have the experience and expertise needed to handle them safely and swiftly.

Gorilla Scaffolding can provide commercial scaffolding hire for even the most intimidating projects.

We understand that if you're a business owner about to build a block of offices or refurbish your premises, you’ll require the services of a scaffolding company that can create a project plan specific to your business needs.

No matter how complex or overwhelming you think the task may be, we can provide scaffolding contractors who work with you to meet your deadlines and specifications with ease.
Our bespoke commercial scaffolding service is ideal for retail stores, pubs, schools and any other commercial property that requires construction work. We have the experience and tools needed to design and erect your scaffolding as quickly and safely as possible.

We use an advanced HAKI system scaffold that enables us to work with speed, efficiency and innovation so that your construction project runs smoothly.
This system is faster, safer and more versatile and economical than your standard scaffolding making it the perfect choice for commercial scaffolding.

To book a free survey, please call us on 0121 348 7810


Our commercial scaffolding services include, but are not limited to:

● Office blocks
● Retail store fit outs
● Refurbishment
● Churches, schools and non-profit organisations

We also provide access towers and temporary roofs to further assist with your construction projects if required.