Access/Scaffold Towers

Scaffold Towers are a great, and safer, alternative to ladders when you need to carry out work at a height on a construction site, especially if you need multiple workers to have access at one time.

If you require access to the roof of a building, commercial or domestic, then our expert team of scaffolding contractors can supply and set-up scaffold towers on your construction site for as long as you need them.

These lightweight and mobile contraptions will enable easy and safe access to the roof, and other hard to reach areas, of your construction project. We can also provide built-in work platforms to create spacious and secure surfaces for your workers and their tools to allow for work to be carried out quickly and effectively.

As with all of our scaffolding services, our scaffold tower hire prioritises safety whilst ensuring an innovative and convenient access system for any size project that you’re working on.
We use an advance guard rail system, stable connection points and carry out a thorough risk assessment to ensure the highest levels of safety for all those working on site.

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