Independent Work Platform

If you are carrying out minor renovations or refurbishment works, such as roof replacement or gutter cleaning, then you’ll require an independent work platform.
We can provide this for you with our safe and secure independent work platform hire service.

What is a ‘work platform’?

A work platform is any surface from which work can be conducted, or as means of access to an otherwise difficult area to reach, such as a roof. Scaffolding and access towers would be considered, by literal definition, working platforms; however, certain jobs may require an independent work platform which is a less excessive and intrusive structure.

Our Independent Work Platforms

Unlike our scaffolding hire services and access towers (which can use integrated work platforms), our independent work platforms are ideal for minor construction works.
They require less time to erect and dismantle and are a lot more discreet, so if you want the job done quickly and with as little disruption as possible, then an independent work platform is the perfect solution.

We ensure that the platform provides appropriate space for all workers and tools, i.e. each work platform is bespoke and fit for purpose, and that it is safe and secure, in compliance with Work at Height Regulations 2005, before any work begins.
Our scaffolding experts can also inspect the work platform regularly and when exposed to any potential dangers, such as extreme weather, to make sure that the structure has not been damaged and is still safe for use.

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The independent work platform hire service is ideal for:
• Painters and decorators
• Roofers
• Window Cleaners
• Contractors