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September 7, 2018
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September 21, 2018
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Why Scaffolding Is Important For Construction

Why is Scaffolding Important

Scaffolding plays a key role in most construction projects whether it’s building a large commercial structure or a home extension. The demand and need for scaffolding is only growing as people begin to recognise the importance of these systems for safety, accessibility and even productivity.

If you still need convincing on the necessity of scaffolding in the construction industry, then here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider it for your next project:


The biggest advantage of using scaffolding during a construction project is the safety aspect that it provides for construction workers.
Construction work usually requires working from dizzying heights so secure scaffolding can provide a stable work surface, for workers and their materials, from any height off the ground.

Easy Access

One of the more obvious purposes of scaffolding is that it enables you access to parts of a building or structure that would otherwise be very difficult and dangerous to reach.
This includes gaining easy and safe access to the roof of a house or a certain level of a tall multi-storey building.

Boost productivity

As a direct consequence of the above – safety and easy access – you’ll also find that there is a boost in productivity. When a worker feels safe and can move around and carry out their work with ease, they are bound to work more efficiently.

Speeds up the Work

We see another domino effect with the boost in productivity leading to work getting done quicker. This could mean that construction projects get completed faster so you are able to do more work and bring in more revenue.

Balance and Positioning

Another point to raise would be that, unlike ladders, you can not only get to difficult to reach areas with scaffolding but, you can also balance and work comfortably and accurately in that area.
Scaffolding gives you good, precise positioning so that you can work directly in front of the area you need to be working in without any concerns over instability or security.

You may argue that most construction projects would not get far without scaffolding based on the above points. It may seem costly and another time-consuming thing to add to your list; however, it is more than worth the investment.

If you require scaffolding for an upcoming construction project, no matter how big or small, then give us a call today on 0121 348 7810