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November 9, 2018
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December 18, 2018
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Top Scaffolding Safety Tips

Scaffolding Safety Tips

The construction industry is the most hazardous work environment in the UK with thousands of workers sustaining scaffolding related injuries every year.

With dozens of potential hazards, some of which we discussed in our ‘Most Common Dangers on a Construction Site’ post, there are many steps you take to making the site a lot safer for workers.

Here are our top tips for improving scaffolding safety on a construction site:

Regular Scaffolding Inspections

Weather and constant usage can result in damage to your scaffolding that could put people in danger which is why it is necessary to carry out weekly or daily inspections and make sure the scaffolding is in good condition before work starts. This is not just a safety tip but a legal requirement.

The person doing the inspecting needs to be competent and appropriately trained and a written report should be produced following each inspection.

Secure Scaffolding Platform

Secure the base/platform of the scaffolding by making sure the screws are tightened and that the building can support the scaffolding. This will reduce the risk of falls from height which is not only a hugely common construction site accident but, also, one of the most fatal.

Wear PPE

Personal Protective Equipment protects workers from almost every possible risk on a construction site which is why they are a legal requirement. Hi-vis jackets, hard hats, gloves, goggles and boots are just some examples of the PPE you would expect to see on any construction site.

You can learn more about the best PPE for construction workers in our post ‘Five Most Essential Pieces of Safety Equipment for Construction Workers’

Display Signage

Communicating dangers to workers is crucial for keeping them safe and one of the best methods of doing so is to display appropriate warning signs around the site.

It acts as an instant and clear reminder of all the dangers that are present such as wet surfaces or potential falling objects.

Supply Training

One of the most common accidents that occurs on construction sites is Slips, Trips and Falls which is preventable – most of the time.

A great way to not only make workers more aware of this danger but also inform them on how to reduce the risk is to provide them with comprehensive training.

Barricade the Scaffolding Area

By marking out the ‘danger zone’ around the base of the scaffolding, you are increasing the safety of workers and passers-by – keeping them out of dangers way.