System Scaffold For Hire

Our HAKI system, which we use for all of our scaffolding hire services, sets us apart from other scaffolding contractors!
HAKI manufacture environmentally-friendly scaffolding systems that utilise advanced methods of construction to deliver the highest levels of safety.
We have chosen HAKI systems to align with our focus on three core aspects which ensure that we are providing a quality service to our clients.

System Scaffold is quick to erect/dismantle

Every construction project has set dates for certain tasks and deadlines for completion, so in order to run as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible, it's important that you can get started straight away.

To avoid any delays, and frustration, we put a lot of emphasis on getting your scaffolding delivered and assembled as quickly as possible without cutting any corners.

The HAKI system is designed for exactly that - to improve speed and efficiency. It requires fewer components and is up to 30% lighter than other scaffolding systems, making it quicker and easier to transport, set-up and dismantle.

System Scaffold is Safe & Reliable

Our main priority is to ensure the safety of both our clients and contractors when erecting, using and dismantling the scaffolding.

The HAKI system enables us to deliver a higher safety rating than a standard scaffold due to the advanced construction techniques used in these structures.

The unique Advance Guard Rail System means that the scaffolding is more secure for workers and the use of spring locking catches makes the assembling process safer too.

Visual Appeal

Scaffolding is known for being quite unsightly, even an eyesore for many, but we thrive on our ability to bring some character and colour to the typically dull structure.

The HAKI system is sleek, modern and far more attractive than the more commonly used scaffolding; not to mention the unique choice of colour.
In line with the Gorilla Scaffolding brand, our scaffolding is bright yellow so it's sure to bring some life to your construction site.